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The Edge Gusto Homes
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Gusto Construction Ltd
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Our Infrared Heating Panels are the perfect choice for heating Gusto's exceptionally low-energy homes. 

 The project was for a development of spacious 3 to 4 bedroom exceptionally low-energy homes in idyllic surroundings adjacent to Lincolnshire Showground - The Edge.

The homes built that require very little energy to run and needed to be heated as efficiently as possible. IHP assisted Gusto Construction with the heating calculations and they installed a selection of our 280W and 560W infrared heater Panels into each home.

The result of the project was that out IHP panels delivered exactly the heating requirements specified - a very satisfied customer.

The cost of running the heating panels is very minimal; the calculations we have done for ‘The Edge’ show it will cost the home owners £1 a day for all their heating, hot water heating and lighting in the house. 

Steff Wright