Our core business is the manufacture of infrared heating products. We have a unique design, with its reverse bevel, which is registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office and is based around a sleek, stylish panel which almost appears to float. We are extremely proud of our products and their quality means that we are able to offer a guarantee of 10 years. Our product range includes;

Infrared Heater Panel (mountable)
£ 150.00 £ 150.00 150.0 GBP
High performance far infrared heaters which look superb when mounted on either ceilings or walls.
Suspended Ceiling Heater Panel
£ 135.60 £ 135.60 135.6 GBP
Infrared panel heaters that fit seamlessly into a suspended ceiling.
Printed Panel Infrared Heater Panel
£ 225.60 £ 225.60 225.6 GBP
Turn your heater into a work of art or alternatively let us turn your works of art into a heater.
Medium Intensity Heater
£ 286.00 £ 286.00 286.0 GBP
Medium Intensity heaters for large spaces.
Under Desk Heater with UK Plug
£ 77.00 £ 77.00 77.0 GBP
These heaters panels are designed specifically to fit under a desk thereby providing personal directed heating
Pet Panel Heater
£ 92.40 £ 92.40 92.4 GBP
Highly efficient infrared heater for kennels and catteries. Designed in conjunction with leading commercial manufacturers.
Salus RT510RF Wireless Thermostat
£ 64.80 £ 64.80 64.8 GBP
A fully functional, programmable wireless thermostat chosen for its ease of use, reliability and affordability.