Medium Intensity Heater

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Medium Intensity heaters for large spaces.

For large spaces such as factories, halls, warehouses etc, we have a range of medium intensity infrared heaters. These heaters can economically heat large high buildings while still employing long (shorter that far) wave infrared.

They are also ideal for outdoor areas such as restaurants and patios and offer an effective alternative to the glowing orange heaters in common use.

These heaters come with our own 5 year guarantee.
ModelPower(watt)Voltage(volt)N.W/G.W(kgs)Product Size (mm)Packing Size (mm)Heating Area (sqm)

Property Value
Colour Black
Element Tubular Aero-Tech heating, encased in ceramic within stainless steel sheath. Life expectancy 50000 hours
Usage Medium Intensity Heater ideal for wide open spaces, enclosures. Not suitable for windy conditions.
Temperature 300°C
Operating Voltage 216 - 253 VAC
Warranty 5 years 5 years
Manufactured By Chinese Supplier, QC and CE'ed by IHP Chinese Supplier, QC and CE'ed by IHP

10 Warranty on Heater Panels
5 Year Warranty on MI Heaters